Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 5:30 pm

Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 5:30 pm




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Keeping your child safe is our top priority.

From the time you drop off to the moment you return, we’ll keep them safe, sound, and smiling.

From drop-off to pick-up, we’ll keep your child safe and sound.

You put your trust in us to care for your child when you can’t. And even though our day is full of giggling and wiggling, we take that responsibility very seriously! That’s why you’ll see that everything we do—from enforcing building security, to hiring trustworthy caregivers, to protecting your community from COVID-19—protects your child in every way.

PattiCake’s Early Learning Center staff will not, under any circumstances, release a child to an individual who is not on the emergency card designated by the parent. Phone calls, faxes or text messages by parents to add people to the card are not acceptable. Each authorized person will be sent an invite code for Brightwheel to scan the QRCODE to sign and out daily.  Persons picking up a child must provide picture identification in cases of extreme emergencies.   Please be sure to keep emergency cards updated with current phone numbers, including area codes.

PattiCake’s Early Learning Center staff is bound by the confidentiality of both children and families while enrolled in the program. We will not share information about any child, parent or legal guardian without expressed written permission by the enrolling parent.